Creative Director

Ben is the founder of Cinframe Productions and creative director; he directs, produces, writes, edits
and makes us get out of bed early. Ben asks the big questions that drive Cinframe forwards - “How
can we make the next project bigger?”, “Where can we go from here?”, “How is this going to push us
further?”. He has written and directed nine shorts and co-directed one, directed music videos, promos
and commercials and is always working on the next thing. He also supports Newcastle but we try not
to hold that against him.
He is currently editing his latest short - “Mortem”, and directing for a series – “Brothers of the crown”.



Creative Director

Zac is another creative director of Cinframe, if Ben’s focus is progression then Zac’s is authenticity, “how can we say who we are?”, “how can we use social media responsibly?”, “how do I write about myself for the website as if it was somebody else writing it?”. Zac’s focus is screenwriting and has a
large portfolio of short and feature length scripts. In his work he is drawn to all things weird: talking animals, multiple actors playing the same character (and visa versa) and jokes that only he finds funny.
At any given time Zac will be writing something, right now it is a feature about the end of the world. He is also co-produced and co-wrote Ben’s short – Mortem.



Creative Director

Connor is the third creative director of Cinframe and completes the trio, soaking up all the abuse from Ben and Zac. Connor is a hard worker and constantly on the grind. His main focus is producing and has produced several shorts but he is also a jack of all trades, learning any and all specific skills when needed. Affable and friendly, Connor can talk to any client to make sure they are getting the exact product they need (and he will, for hours).
Connor co-produced and recorded sound for Mortem.