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Director, Screenwriter, Editor, and Producer

Ben is the founder of Cinframe Productions which he started in his final year at  Manchester School of Art in which he finished with first-class honours. In the last three years, he has written and directed seven short films editing two of them. With his most notable being 'The Beat' going onto become a finalist at 'The Lift-Off Session at Pinewood Studios'. Also directing over twenty-five promo and music videos. As well as Producing five separate films within 2019. He is Cinframe Productions Creative and Managerial Director. 



Cinematography, Editor, Director

Lewis graduated from Manchester School of Art in 2019 with a First Class Honours degree in filmmaking. During his time there he focused on cinematography, editing, and colour grading and was awarded the best cinematography during his final year. As one-third of the Cinframe team, he is responsible for all the visual elements and can provide an artistic and stylistic vision towards projects.



Composer and Sound Engineer

Morgan graduated from Manchester School of Art in 2019 with a First Class Honours degree in filmmaking. During his time there he focussed on all sound aspects of film - from sound recording and design, to audio editing and musical composition. As one third of the Cinframe team he is responsible for all the sound elements of the productions as well as helping to produce the projects.




Screenwriter and Director

Zac is a filmmaker and founder of Erik_Genrik_ Film. He has directed five short films. With his latest film 'CARNIVORE' being nominated for 'The Move Film Collective Audience Choice Award'. His main focus is screenwriting currently having written four full-length feature scripts and nine shorts. With two of those projects currently in pre-productions. 



Producer, Screenwriter, and Director

Connor graduated from the Manchester School of Art with first-class honours in Filmmaking. He has co-produced two productions in 'The Beat' and 'High Horse' during the past year. The latter of which being his first film as a fledgling writer/director. Both projects went on to the pinewood liftoff sessions with 'The Beat' as a finalist.  He has written, directed, produced and then been a first AD a few projects 'Cinframe' has taken on.



Cinematographer, Photographer, and Editor

Barnaby has worked in a variety of different specialties such as cinematographer, editing and most recently focusing heavily on his photography. Starting his own company named 'BROLL Film' in which he has produced promo videos and photography within areas such as fashion, music, food, and wedding. He currently at the start of 2020 has two films in post-production and has three projects in the pipeline.